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Parents Teacher meet of Abacus students at Nagarcoil

Parents Teacher meets are scheduled for the parents to know the progress of their children. These meetings help a parent get aware about developments (good and bad) of the child, and even share information about certain habits of the child that may help the teacher to ensure desired results from it.


To make sure that the children have been performing well in their Abacus classes, one such parents’ teacher meet was conducted in the center of Nagarcoil. The parents of Abacus students were invited at the center and their strengths and weaknesses were discussed with the parents. The Abacus training center through this meet wanted to ensure that student’s gain maximum benefit from the course by practicing in the right way.


Here is a picture from the event where teachers are discussing the child’s performance in the classroom with the parents. Also, there was an open discussion wherein even the parents could speak their views and suggest measures to extract the best from their kids. The sole purpose of the meeting revolved around discovering the unseen potential of children.



The event was a huge success as both the Abacus trainers and the parents gained valuable information about the students that can help plan effective strategies for teaching them.

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Master Mind Abacus Kid’s Honored at Parbhani


Mastermind Abacus

Mr. K. Nishant Kumar, Unit Franchise of Master Mind Abacus had organized a remarkable event to honor their students’ who have been consistently performing well. The Abacus students were appreciated and ornamented by the key people of district.


The students’ who received honor were: Manoj Kale by Superintendent of Police Mr. Patil, Sheikh Ibrahim by Asst. Dist. Commissioner Mr. Ganvde, Kunal by Dist. Commissioner Mr. Jhavre and Mayor Mr. Deshmukh, Ganesh Nagthane by Standing Committee Member Mr. Vijayrao Jamkar and Yuvraj Bhusare by Municipal Corporation Officer Mr. Sudhir Shambharkar.


We salute Mr. Nishant Kumar for taking such a substantial step toward children education, and endearing the name of Master Mind. His encouragement for children to add to their scholastic achievements is simply commendable.


Students’ get better if their success gets recognized, and Mr. Nishant Kumar has certainly proceeded in the direction to ensure the same. This is not only a pride for kids and the UF himself, but also for the company to associate with such sincere educators like Mr. Nishant.


We request all our franchises to be more participative and conduct more such appreciable events. It will definitely be beneficial in business terms as it would increase the student walk in at your center.

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Upturn your child’s concentration



Most of the things that a child studies is remembered only if he/she has concentrated during that particular time span. Lack of concentration not only affects the education, but also any area of participation.


Concentration is essential to perform any action effectively. For basic skills like listening, memorizing, recalling etc., concentration is required. When a child studies, it is necessary that he/she doesn’t get distracted and concentrate to remember what is being learnt or studied.


Here are some primary ways by which a child’s concentration can be improved:

·         Ensure proper nutrition, sleep and relaxation to the child’s body

·         Schedule each activity, whether study or play

·         Give attention on the smallest actions and appreciate the good deeds

·         Encourage to read, speak, talk and write

·         Makes lessons interesting. Follow the learning style that benefits your child personally

·         Make use of colors, pictures, stories or other illustrations

·         Use educational and online games for increased participation


Courses like Abacus are proven to improve skills like concentration in children. Put your child into Master Mind Abacus classes and get them benefitted like never before.


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Boosting the memory of your child






The kids who have enhanced memorization skills benefit immensely in examinations and competitions. One should necessarily work on boosting their child’s memory.


Here is how you can enhance your child’s memory.

 1.      Encourage stress-free learning

Stress is a situation where the brain functions get blocked and are unable to adapt new things or lessons. This ultimately affects one’s memory to relate with the events occurring at a particular time. Stress-free situations on the other hand ensure that everything that is being taught is effectively stored in the memory.

 2.      Increase attention

Make use of methods that are interesting and involves student’s attention. Children can easily get distracted from studies and so special care has to be taken to grab their attention.

 3.      Relate to memories

Everything that happens around us gets accumulated in the subconscious mind. When some real life scenarios are discussed with children, these memories can be brushed up and it ensures long lasting effect of the topic of study. As a result, recalling at the time of exams becomes a piece of cake.

 4.      Work on what you Demonstrate

Remember, while you teach your kids your actions and your demonstrations are stored in the child’s memory. So, be careful and make the environment such that it is worth memorizing so that it can be used at the right time by kids.


Take the Abacus course for your child. It is a perfect tool that enhances photographic memory of children and helps increase their scholastic scores.

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Building self-esteem in your kid



For a child to be fit, active, participative and immaculate, it is important that his emotional well being is stable. It is extremely important that children feel happy about their life and its occasions. If not, it can severely affect the future events of his life.


As parents you should know that your behavior, reactions and interactions with the child play a critical role in shaping a child’s personality. This indirectly results into the emotional stability or imbalance in a child’s behavior and thus affects his self-esteem.


How can you develop self-esteem in your child?

 1.      Communicate and appreciate: Communicate with your child in a way that he can share all problems or joy with you without fear. Help him overcome with his mistakes by suggesting ways to improve the same. Appreciate their work in front of relatives so that they know what is good.

 2.      Be a role model: Think of the qualities that your child’s role model should possess and be that person. Let your child know about the good in you so that he can attain the same. Do things that make you and your child feel good. Spare time.

 3.      Support and show concern: Your support and encouragement is a key factor for your child’s achievements. Be a motivator and show concern for the things he participates in. Guide him the right way to crack it through.


This will in return make a child happy and confident about his good deeds.


The above mentioned are the views of those parents who did not apply these ways in bringing up their kids and saw things not happening as they were supposed to be. Do not be a flock of such parents.


The final note


Start today! Your child’s self-esteem is essential for him to gain a social identity and for achieving success.


Master Mind Abacus, being an education company would appreciate you for taking every possible effort to make your child proficient in every field.


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Enhanced Number Representation through Abacus

While working with digits, it is essential that they are represented correctly so that their value can be read efficiently and calculations can be performed in the right manner. Numbers are represented with a systematic positioning of digits in the places like units, tens, hundreds and so on…
Abacus instrument is a calculating device which makes number representation convenient even for numbers as long as 9 digits (including the positive and negative numbers too). The rods in the instrument represent a digit’s place constituting of beads which are assigned a value each.
The beads are moved across the rods for performing operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division etc. as per the requirement of the question. This position of the beads is then read out to derive an answer to question.
Devices like calculators make calculations faster but never develop skills for numerical representation in children. Abacus on the other hand enhances numerical representation, along with amplified linguistic representation indirectly due to effects of concentration, listening skills, memory etc.
Abacus course is a “must take” educational program for today’s generation to become competent and have an edge over others. Master Mind Abacus is the best education provider which augments the students’ mental arithmetic skills and makes them confident. 
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The secret of Perfect Abacus Training

The basis of learning is the quality of training that is provided to the student. What a student learn reveals what a teacher has taught. The success of a student majorly lies in the hands of the teacher and the training provided by him.
Master Mind Abacus being the educators, who shape the futures of kids, believes in delivering quality training to students. Our perfect training solutions through exclusive course materials, advanced technology and innovating teaching methods have always ensured that students gain the most out of our Abacus program.
Our Actions
To ensure efficiency and quality of Abacus training to children, we have adopted the following actions:
·         We train the faculty and then provide authorized training certificate after thorough evaluation
·         We ensure only a limited number of entries in a single batch to provide individual attention to kids
·         For efficient practice, we supply material in the form of books, DVDs and even provide an online platform that can be accessed at any point of time
·         Introduced unique teaching methods like score board and point card that involve active and longer participation of students.
Want to take the best brain development and mental arithmetic solutions for your kid? Enroll him/her for the Abacus course at Master Mind.
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