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Difference between Chinese and Japanese Abacus

Chinese Abacus


Japanese Abacus

Chinese are considered to be the inventors of Abacus during 500 BC and the most primitive written document on Abacus is in Chinese that dates back in the 2nd century BC

The Japanese adapted Abacus later realizing its use as a counting device around 1600 AD

The Chinese Abacus is known as the Suan pan

The Japanese Abacus is named as Soroban

Suan pan is rarely used in the modern times except in some regions of China

Soroban is the Abacus that is still used today as a counting device as well as a Brain Development tool for small kids

The Suan pan is a horizontally structured Abacus that has 2 decks. The upper deck constitutes 2 beads and lower deck constitutes 5 beads in each rod

The Soroban is also a horizontally structured Abacus of modern times having 2 decks. Upper deck consists of 1 bead and lower consists of 4 beads in each single rod

It is more complex to be used for performing calculations

The Japanese reduced the beads to make calculations smoother and simplified

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Abacus and Visualization

Visualization is the ability through which an image that is created in the mind of an individual and that has a perception about his/her surrounding. It is also known as the skill to represent the information, data or process in the form of mental pictures.


How is Visualization developed through Abacus?


The long term training of 2 and half years makes the Abacus users skilled on visualizing the image of the Abacus in their minds. The further calculations can be performed on this image mentally without converting them into words or numbers, instead moving the beads mentally on the image of the Abacus created.


These visualization images can be easily studied through EEGs(Electro Encephalgrams) as observed by Ms. Kimiko kawano, Reasearcher From Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and sciences.


Visualization is a resultant of the functioning of right brain, This means tha Abacus enhances the right side of brain by incorporating the knack of visualizing images.


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Abacus helps in Problem Solving

ImageAbacus, a counting instrument has been well known for providing huge benefits to children. Apart from being used as a brain development tool, it is more popular for being an aid to enhance the mathematical abilities in kids. Abacus has become adaptable because of its simplicity and use.

Let us take a look on how Abacus can be used in Problem Solving.

Abacus and Problem Solving

The fundamental of having effective problem solving skills is that an individual is able to perform basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without difficulties.

Abacus assists the user to become perfect in these operations, through speed and accuracy thus making the pathway to problem solving smooth. Also, skills like visualization, memorizing and recalling, which is the outcome of Abacus training, adds to enhanced problem solving abilities.

Good problem solving skills facilitate in minimizing the math pressure and improve academic performance. This ultimately reduces the aversion of mathematics in children and encourages them to excel in it.

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Parents Speak on Abacus

ImageLet us have a look on some of the views of parents on Abacus and its effects on their children undertaking the course.


Nilima Singh, 32, Guwahati says:

“My daughter, 7 years of age, absolutely loves Abacus. She had always run away from studies and especially maths. Ever since she has been learning Abacus, I observe that she is quick with her calculations and has started concentrating more. I am glad to see the transformation and I thank Master Mind Abacus for making it possible.”


Satyam Rathore, 35, Bangalore says:

Putting my child into the Abacus course by Master Mind is probably the most profitable investment I have ever made for his education. I have experienced incredible amount of confidence in him after he joined Abacus classes. He has started loving his studies, is more active in the classroom and has also started participating in extracurricular activities. I am proud of his achievements.


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Course Books for Abacus Students

mastermind abacus Books kit

mastermind abacus


Master Mind Abacus offers uniquely conceptualized books for teaching the students. These books are structured to provide complete benefits of Abacus to students. The books are incorporated with everyday’s practice (i.e. for weekly classes), along with practice sheets for weekdays to be exercised at home.


The course content is systematic and organized level wise (for all the 10 levels). This ensures the right method of both teaching and learning Abacus for kids.


Mastermind abacus


The books are structured for children between the ages of 4 to 14 years. For engaging students into the practice and guarantying longer participation, we have also built in games after each session. These games involve mental arithmetic practice of complex numeric problems in the form of riddles or puzzles.


The books help the students to practice Abacus effectively both in the classroom and out. We provide the best study material for each level among all the other Abacus companies. Also, it provides convenience to the Abacus teachers as it saves time to structure new questions for practice by themselves.


In addition, a separate hand book for parents’ is also provided to students’ to ensure proper guidance and support at home. The parents’ can refer to this book and help their children in Abacus practice.


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Student’s Kit for Abacus Learning


Abacus kit

          Mastermind abacus

We at Master Mind have always believed in simplifying the learning experience of students through our courses. Our Abacus course is structured considering the children psychology that makes it feasible, enjoyable and effective.


To ensure the best outcome of the Abacus training, we provide the students with a kit apart from conducting the weekly classes. The Abacus kit we provide to the students consists of:


  • A 17 rod abacus along with the pouch
  • Course Book for each level separately guarantying quality practice
  • Master Mind’s t-shirt (a branded apparel with company’s logo)
  • Master Mind’s bag (to be able to carry Abacus instrument, books and other stationary)
  • A separate book for parents (to facilitate practice of children conveniently at home)
  • DVD for the course contents and Speed Building Software


Master Mind’s student kit has been well thought-out after a thorough market study and considering the requisites and demands. The kit is supplied to all the students by our Abacus franchises to train them efficiently.


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Effects of Abacus Training on Memory



Mastermind abacus Training



Abacus, in the Modern times has been used invariably as a Brain Development tool. A well developed brain is the one which can visualize things, concentrate, coordinate with the situations around, memorize and recall the events.

 Abacus is a proven technique to enhance all these skills and therefore Abacus training is given to small kids for improving these abilities at an early age. In this post we will be discussing the effect of Abacus learning on the memorizing abilities in children.

 Studies have shown that the mental calculations involve well learned procedures, problem solving questions and dependence on memory (Sokol et al, 1991). The effects of Abacus training on memory of children are:

  • It visualizes beads up to nine digits and recites them in the mind which develops better memorizing skills. It means that the numerical memory gets amplified
  • It augments the memory of spatial arrangement as it develops skills to be able to draw the same picture on a blank surface, with horizontal and vertical dimensions that they have memorized through the Abacus board
  • It improves the photographic memory as the arithmetic calculations can be performed mentally by picturing the Abacus and doing the relevant hand movements to give the answer.


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