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Why mental arithmetic is essential?


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Mental arithmetic is the ability to perform calculation using the brain without involving machines like calculators, computers etc. and even papers. Like exercising is important for us to stay healthy, similarly mental arithmetic is vital for stimulation the brain. These skills are best achieved during the early years of development.


Mental arithmetic


Let us showcase how mental arithmetic helps in stimulating the brain and what benefits does it provide:


  • It helps in generating a better sense of numbers. This means that it develops an ability to understand that how numbers interact together
  • It increases the logical thinking ability of an individual as the brain consciously involves into dealing with the numbers while performing calculations
  • It enhances the speed of doing computations by performing mental mathematics that helps in quick derivation of solutions


Mental arithmetic plays a crucial role in our daily routines as we unknowingly do mental math when we exchange currencies or estimate time.


How to improve mental arithmetic skills?


Master Mind, an Abacus training institute, offers Abacus course for children that acts like a brain development tool along with amplifying their mental arithmetic. We teach mental maths to children in the right way!












Abacus and its Benefits…



Abacus is the most primitive calculating device. This ancient system in the modern age aims on developing the power of the brain and also amplifies the arithmetic abilities. Its effect can be best observed in children of age between 4 to 14 years, as during this age 75% of brain development takes place.

 Abacus Course

 Recently, the abacus programs have created hype in the education industry, as this supplementary course has benefitted the students in innumerable ways. The abacus course has proved to be a brain development tool that enhances the overall personality of children. The important factor to be considered is that the parents opts for the right course from an authentic company.

Benefits of Abacus Program

Makes student confident

  • Makes them competent for future challenges
  • Gives children an opportunity to excel in their academic career
  • Enhances visualization (mental abilities)
  • Increases concentration in all subjects
  • Develops logical thinking abilities
  • Improves photographic memory (creating pictures in mind- abacus, maps, diagrams etc.)
  • Helps in recall (in examinations etc.)
  • Develops overall personality of children

Master Mind’s Abacus classes are the right place where your child can benefit the most by developing its brain and mental arithmetic skills.

Structure of Abacus


Abacus” is a term used for a primitive device, which made use of fingers of both hands for doing arithmetic calculations. The Abacus instrument was needed by merchants to calculate the cost of their trades in countries like China, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc.

Structure of the device

The evolvement in the structure of Abacus can be divided into 3 stages namely: Primitive age, Ancient age and the Modern age.

1.      Primitive Age

The primitive Abacus initially had horizontal alignment when it was invented. Stones and pebbles were used as beads. The use of stones added to the weight of the abacus, limiting its mobility and often results in losing the track of the counts. Due to these complexities the number and size of beads were reduced over a period.

2.      Middle Age

The ancient Abacus was restructured by Sumerian, Babylonian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations during different ages. Therefore, Abacus has faced changes in its structure according to different cultures. Two of the most popularly known Abacus of this age are Suan Pan (Chinese) and Soroban (Japanese).

3.      Modern Age

The modern day Abacus is, a frame made up of either wood or metal, with vertical alignment of rods in which the bead move while performing calculations. Soroban, the most recent Abacus modified by Japanese is the one we make use of today. There are 17 vertical rods. The frame is divided into 2 decks: the upper deck and lower deck. The upper deck has 1 bead on each rod, and the lower deck constitutes 4 beads in a single rod. Even the modern day computer uses references from Abacus for performing calculations.

Application of Abacus Today

The Abacus today, is used as a device that enhances the complete brain development also resulting into improved mental arithmetic skills. Join Master Mind, an Abacus training institute to develop your mental maths skills.