Business Opportunities for Abacus Franchises

Abacus was discovered in ancient times as a device for performing mental arithmetic calculations. Abacus training has become popular over the last two decades due to its ability to benefit the children (especially between the ages of 4 to 14 years) as it works as a complete brain development program.


Education has always been the priority for students. Supplementary course like Abacus have been adopted widely to give an edge over others in this era of competition. In addition, it also offers a vast business opportunity.


Becoming a Master Mind Abacus franchise will be provided you with one such opportunity where you would be having a chance to run an ethical business by serving the demands and supply in the education industry. This opportunity is advantageous both in financial as well as economic terms.


Advantages of being Our Franchise


  • Be your own Boss! Work on your own conditions…
  • Continual support and assistance throughout the tenure
  • Association with a renowned and reputed brand
  • Exposure to international market trends in education industry


Master Mind works in maintaining long-term relationships with its Abacus franchises. For this, it provides world class support and services that will make the business grow and flourish. It gives the Virtual Abacus training software which ensures continued quality abacus training for kids.



About Mastermind Abacus

We at Master Mind Abacus have developed a holistic brain development program that nurtures students’ overall personality. It also edifies them with mental math skills that enhance their Abacus math learning.

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