Abacus or Calculator- What’s your take?

Most of the parents today are worried about their kids being easily distracted from their studies which affect their confidence to face the upcoming competitions of life. It is a well known fact that students escape from learning new things if their basic concepts are not clear. It is not due to their inability but their disinterest towards the subject, course or any other factor. Abacus learning is a specialized program that focuses on changing a child’s personality and making him/her adaptable to various challenges.


Listed below are the 3 major reasons why Abacus reigns over a calculator-

1.           Speed and Accuracy


Parents who have chosen abacus course for kids are well aware about a dramatic change in their child’s ability to calculate and solve numerical problems in a fraction of seconds that too with high accuracy. The calculator does ensure accuracy but it requires patience to input the right digits and functions to get the desired output. The time frame to calculate a series of sums by abacus and calculator is incomparable as working on a calculator then becomes quite tedious.

2.           Brain Development


When a child uses a calculator for calculating the sums, he/she is certainly not making use of brain. In short, it is a practice of adopting wrong habits as NO examination will ever allow using calculators. It creates a troublesome situation! Whereas, abacus classes for kids help them to utilize their brain completely (both the left and right sides of brain) by syncing with the movement of hands and fingers. This results in proper development of brain at an early age.

3.           Easy, Interesting and Faster Learning

When a child learns abacus he/she gets benefitted in innumerable ways. It develops a confidence within a child by inculcating the listening habits, increasing the concentration power, enhances the photographic memory, makes them recall things at the right time and develops a sense of visualization. The whole process is easily understood as it is designed according to the child’s psychology which makes it interesting and drives attention. A calculator is only a means of solving numerical sums and it does not promise any advantage to a child’s learning ability.


About Mastermind Abacus

We at Master Mind Abacus have developed a holistic brain development program that nurtures students’ overall personality. It also edifies them with mental math skills that enhance their Abacus math learning.

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