Master Mind Abacus- A brand you can trust!


As the name suggests, we believe in making a child stand out from the masses, being a Master Mind in abacus learning through our strong network of 1000+ abacus franchisee  across the globe. We have made a promising position in the market through our offerings and transforming students since the year 1996. We are among the leading quality service providers to the students and to the associates.

Master Mind Abacus has a specialized abacus training franchise program for all its associates that provide them an opportunity to be their “own boss” in corporate terms. It is a place where you can grow your business not by following the politics of business, but with a cause of bringing a revolution in the education sector. We equip all our franchisee with a personalized

We are now a network of 1000+ franchisee having an international presence! Are you one of them?

We help our associates to conduct abacus classes for kids in an efficient manner by providing online training to the faculty, resolve their queries and doubts at any point of time and monitor their activities regularly by evaluating if they are working as per the company’s norms.

Our abacus franchise allows building a strong network of intellectual people including parents who are keen in developing a brighter future for their kids and thus increasing your business to give you higher Return on Investment. You can experience satisfaction while working with us and look up for maintaining a long term relationship. We are a name that you can trust, feel proud off to be associated with and promote within your personal network.

Master Mind Abacus encourages everyone who wishes to jump into education industry and change the present scenarios, to join hands with us and be our franchisee. This will surely prove to be a decision worth cherishing.


About Mastermind Abacus

We at Master Mind Abacus have developed a holistic brain development program that nurtures students’ overall personality. It also edifies them with mental math skills that enhance their Abacus math learning.

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