Chosse Right Child Care Option



Are you a working parent? If yes, you might certainly wonder about choosing the right option where you can make your child stay while you work. With several options available these days, you need to consider the one that offers quality and is economic. After all, every parent wants to gift the best care to their child.


Cited under are some of the options available to choose for your child:

 1.      Family

If you have relatives in the same city as yours, you can leave your kid at their place as it would give him a feeling of being at home. Also, full care would be given to your child and you will be able to work without any tension.

 2.      Day care centers

These are the most preferred option that is opted by most of the parents. This is place where children are safe and are supplied with games of their interest and an ambience that is joyous. It is like a second home to children.

 3.      Baby Sitters

You can hire a nanny or a baby sitter who would come down to your place and take care of your child. They stay at your home while you are out for work and take complete responsibility of the child in your absence.


We at Master Mind Abacus, being educationists are highly considerate about the children and also ensure complete care to our Abacus students during the class. We are more than just their teachers. We are a family, a friend and a home to children.





What do you plan for your kid this winter?


Winters have already arrived and it is time for your child’s school to close down for vacations. Did you plan something productive to gift your child this new season? If not, hurry up and enroll your child for the Master Mind Abacus course

Did you just wonder why?

Well, soon after the vacation gets over, will arrive the exam season. You as a parent would certainly want your child to perform better in his/her exams. So, why not put them into the Abacus course and contribute in his/her complete brain and personality development of children between 4-14 years of age altogether.

The Abacus course is a proven program that nurtures the child mental arithmetic skills along with amplifying their brain functions in such a way that it improves their performance in every field. The Abacus beads on the calculating frame sends stimulus directly to the brain through fingers and thus helps ease solving mathematical problems.

The child learns to make effective use of Abacus and gets better in mental calculations as and when he/she precedes to higher levels (total number of levels being 10). So, secure your child’s academic scores in future by getting him/her benefitted from the best Abacus classes at Master Mind.


Build a strong educational base… Start early!


As a concerned parent, you might be aware about the cut-throat competition among the students’. Even you would definitely want your child to become successful in every area of participation. And, to do so, you have to put in continued efforts to add to the child’s achievements. Education plays an active role all this while.

Don’t you think if you give your child the best education solutions from the very beginning, he/she will be able to build a foundation that can easily adapt to ferocious competition in the future? If you are affirmative, implement it right away.

Take a step to reach to the best education providers from the start. Give them supplementary education like the Abacus course that blossoms a kid’s intelligence by which he/she can outshine over his/her acquaintances.

Abacus classes are solely meant to be taught to children of age 4 to 14 years. The very well known effects of good Abacus training helps develop children’s brain and overall personalities. Apart from that it gives the students a strong base of easily understanding, learning and grasping complex concepts of subjects like mathematics etc.

Since the course benefits are experienced during the early ages of life, therefore it is mandatorily meant for small kids. If you as a parent seek to ‘start early’ and gift your children with excelling qualities, put them in Master Mind Abacus. You will cherish your decision when your child will outdo in his/her academics and elsewhere.

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Nutrition and Education: Are they interlinked?

ImageEducation is the basis of survival in this age. But to have an effective education, apart from an individual’s potential, his/her health plays a critical role. A healthy being is the one that constitutes a blend of mental and physical health. In spite of providing the best educational systems, unhealthy nutrition may make all the efforts go in vain.  


Healthy food and education go hand in hand. Have a look at the list of food items you should eat to say fit, healthy and which would certainly help in absorbing and retaining a good education.

 1.      Vegetables and Fruits

Each vegetable especially the green leafy vegetables carry nutrition and strengthen the body. Fruits on the other hand are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. They should necessarily be included in the diet of every individual.

 2.      Milk and other dairy products

Milk and its extracts are rich in proteins and calcium. It keeps the bone density high and also smoothen the overall digestion process. Also, milk products are natural sources of sugars like lactose.

 3.      Pulses

Pulses are another rich source of proteins. It cuts the dissolved fats by amplifying the muscles of the body and restricting the accumulation of unwanted fats.

 4.      Fish, fish oils and plants

They are rich in fatty acids like omega-3. It can be derived from fishes like Salmon, tuna and other sea foods. Walnut, Soya, Rapeseed oil also contains omega-3. It plays an important role in cognitive development of brain, behavioral functions and memory, thus helping a student to succeed in his/her educational career.


Other important foods include sugars, fats, legumes and grains that maintain a balance in the body by delivering the desired nutrition.


Want your child to succeed in his education? Drop him into our Abacus course and we will inculcate all the skills that will help him excel over others.

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Parents Teacher meet of Abacus students at Nagarcoil

Parents Teacher meets are scheduled for the parents to know the progress of their children. These meetings help a parent get aware about developments (good and bad) of the child, and even share information about certain habits of the child that may help the teacher to ensure desired results from it.


To make sure that the children have been performing well in their Abacus classes, one such parents’ teacher meet was conducted in the center of Nagarcoil. The parents of Abacus students were invited at the center and their strengths and weaknesses were discussed with the parents. The Abacus training center through this meet wanted to ensure that student’s gain maximum benefit from the course by practicing in the right way.


Here is a picture from the event where teachers are discussing the child’s performance in the classroom with the parents. Also, there was an open discussion wherein even the parents could speak their views and suggest measures to extract the best from their kids. The sole purpose of the meeting revolved around discovering the unseen potential of children.



The event was a huge success as both the Abacus trainers and the parents gained valuable information about the students that can help plan effective strategies for teaching them.

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Master Mind Abacus Kid’s Honored at Parbhani


Mastermind Abacus

Mr. K. Nishant Kumar, Unit Franchise of Master Mind Abacus had organized a remarkable event to honor their students’ who have been consistently performing well. The Abacus students were appreciated and ornamented by the key people of district.


The students’ who received honor were: Manoj Kale by Superintendent of Police Mr. Patil, Sheikh Ibrahim by Asst. Dist. Commissioner Mr. Ganvde, Kunal by Dist. Commissioner Mr. Jhavre and Mayor Mr. Deshmukh, Ganesh Nagthane by Standing Committee Member Mr. Vijayrao Jamkar and Yuvraj Bhusare by Municipal Corporation Officer Mr. Sudhir Shambharkar.


We salute Mr. Nishant Kumar for taking such a substantial step toward children education, and endearing the name of Master Mind. His encouragement for children to add to their scholastic achievements is simply commendable.


Students’ get better if their success gets recognized, and Mr. Nishant Kumar has certainly proceeded in the direction to ensure the same. This is not only a pride for kids and the UF himself, but also for the company to associate with such sincere educators like Mr. Nishant.


We request all our franchises to be more participative and conduct more such appreciable events. It will definitely be beneficial in business terms as it would increase the student walk in at your center.

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Upturn your child’s concentration



Most of the things that a child studies is remembered only if he/she has concentrated during that particular time span. Lack of concentration not only affects the education, but also any area of participation.


Concentration is essential to perform any action effectively. For basic skills like listening, memorizing, recalling etc., concentration is required. When a child studies, it is necessary that he/she doesn’t get distracted and concentrate to remember what is being learnt or studied.


Here are some primary ways by which a child’s concentration can be improved:

·         Ensure proper nutrition, sleep and relaxation to the child’s body

·         Schedule each activity, whether study or play

·         Give attention on the smallest actions and appreciate the good deeds

·         Encourage to read, speak, talk and write

·         Makes lessons interesting. Follow the learning style that benefits your child personally

·         Make use of colors, pictures, stories or other illustrations

·         Use educational and online games for increased participation


Courses like Abacus are proven to improve skills like concentration in children. Put your child into Master Mind Abacus classes and get them benefitted like never before.


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